"Queer Signifiers" Are Not A Horrible Joke

There are a bunch people bashing on the article about signaling your queerness on the MP, essentially saying, as Mayati put it, "Clothes? Signaling orientation? NO WAY, I deny queer culture its signifiers!" I get that a lot of them are trying to be allies, and they're just thinking, "omg, what is wrong with your ugly… » 4/21/14 9:26pm Monday 9:26pm

What Exactly Are We Talking About When We Say "Rape Culture"?

I've read a few things the past few days that have made me wonder what, exactly, we're talking about when we talk about "rape culture", and what things fall into that. One of the comments to the Gawker article on the guy who confessed to raping his masseuse was, "this is rape culture." At the time, I rec'ed it, but now I'm … » 4/18/14 8:37pm Friday 8:37pm

Almost Half of Teen Boys and Young Men Have Been Sexually Coerced

According to a new study, a large portion of teen boys and young men have been forced or coerced into sexual activity by a peer. The study, published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 43% of high school boys and young college men reported they had an unwanted sexual experience, and 95% reported that a… » 4/05/14 5:38pm 4/05/14 5:38pm

Get Rid of Sex (aka, Tycho!! I found a thing!!!)

Bletchley Circle season 2 was a bit too rich for my nighttime blood, so I started browsing http://anarchalibrary.tumblr.com/ (like ya do), and stumbled upon the most amazing book, Undoing Sex (start on page 15). It is written by a female-bodied queer person who is basically like "Valerie Solanas and Dworkin were… » 3/25/14 11:30am 3/25/14 11:30am

NJ Judge Rules Pregnant Women Can Ban Father From Delivery Room

A judge in New Jersey has ruled that women have a right to keep the biological father of their child out of the delivery room. Superior Court Judge Sohail Mohammed wrote that requiring a woman to notify the biological father and allow him in the delivery room was a violation of both a patient's right to privacy and a… » 3/14/14 10:37pm 3/14/14 10:37pm